Corporate Outline

Corporate Name
Corporate Office

12-16-2 MInami Kamodai Kamo-cho Kizugawa city
Kyoto,619-1127 JAPAN
December 11,2003
Founded as limited private company

March 1,2004

6million yen
Board of Directors
President Yuushiro Harihara
Accountant adviser
Kawakatsu Acount Office
Tax accountant certified social insurance labor consultant Masami Kawakatsu
Description of Business and Standardized Structure
Contributes to a user's convenience through the related business using personal computer and Internet technology as the core.

・Qualification acquisition support business, taking-an-examination measure support using the personal computer and Internet
・NewtonTLT regular agent of software
・e-learning Planning business
・Green Ecology associated business, manufacture and sales

Management Philosophy
(made in Feburary 2004)

1.Continuation is power.
Decide first. And keep doing it to the last. Unless it gives up, there is no defeat.
2.Reward in some which are labored.
Difficulties are not pain. Patience and its purpose and hope that exist previously serve as a catalyst, and a result follows.
3.Foolishly Honest

Be foolish then an enterprise is carried out with direct action.
New Management Philosophy
(made in 2010)

・Honest to a fault and noble in mind.
In corporate management, to be honest is needed highly,and it has to be high levels of  noble mind. 

To be noble is understood that it is beneficial to society .Moreover, it is understood that the administrative action which carries out noble mind needs pile of efforts of honest mind.
Associated Facility

Apple Environment System Laboratory
Apple Education System Laboratory

Corporate History

October 2005
In the TLT software sale by HP, became major agency supporting in Newton.
April 2006
Support the opening of course that guarantee the presence rank of Major Universities in Kansai.
At Newton e-learning, we became top agency from 250 agencies in whole country.
January 2006
The e-learning teaching materials for the major company (with TOEIC coaching support) are developed ( used in SHARP Inc. and Panasonic Inc.).
December 2006
Made Apple Education System Laboratory in Doshisha University Tanabe Campus D-egg312.
August 2007
Exhibition participation in e-learning WORLD 2007
April 2008
Become a member of Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
October 2008
Become a member of Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
May 2009
Made Environment System Laboratory
Development and sales start , the bark of the Kitayama cedar to deodorizer Bio-NX.