Bio-NX is the environmentaly considerated deodrizer which extract the essence from the bark of Kyoto Kitayama cedar(wasted materials)

Trees and Plants cannot move by themselves, so to protect from the ultraviolet rays and noxious insects ,they store an energy inside bark.
And its potential is gifted also for people.
And we had a great success of extracting the essence of bark to make a safe deodrizer.

Do you know about Kyoto Kitayama cedar?

Kyoto Nakagawa prospered as a production of the Kitayama cedar more from ancient times. And the history is old , and there was a history which had dedicated the fixed Migaku Maruta Kitayama cedar wood to the Kyoto Gosho Palace as “Kigonin” which presents a product.
The Kitayama cedar is used for the beautiful Migaku Maruta because of it’s finest skin, and often used as the building materials and it's a one of the Kyoto industrial tradition.
During the process of making Migaku Maruta, the Kitayama cedar bark is not rotten easily, and also it was specified as an industrial waste so it was difficult to dispose at the present situation.
And even though cedar and other tree’s bark were known as having the effect of deodorant and antibacterial the formaldehyde decomposition effect.
But there was no way of extracting the essence of it.
But it was purely by chance that during the usual work,we are able to extract the essence of tannin, known as a natural polyphenol, from the bark of Kitayama cedar.
Before, specified as the industrial waste, the bark was just wasted, but we made it possible to produce and develop the skills of making this powerful deodorizer. TheBio-NX was born from the bark of Kyoto Kitayama cedar.

「ECO DeodrizerBio-NX」is only made from 100% recycled materials.

DeodorizerBio-NX, made from 100% natural materials from the Kyoto Kitayama cedar reuses the bark which was wasted from the process of manufacturing Migaki Maruta , the beautiful wood skin.
Without using chemical synthesis substance, we only boiled well and extract the essence of natural polyphenol from the bark inherited from Association of cooperative Kyoto Kitayama Maruta Manufacture.(A part of process acquired the patent.)
Many Deodrizer is manufactured from chemical synthesisi or from food like soybean and corn, but we are able to made this safe and powerful deodorizer from recycling the useless wasted bark of the Kitayama cedar.

Authorized as Kyoto Ecological Style Product
Authorized as Kyoto Ecological Style Product

The materials of Bio-NX are the bark of Kyoto Kitayama cedar.
The bark was specifed as an industrial waste and incinerate disposal which discharges CO2.
Reuse of these unusable bark waste,Bio-NX ,effective use of resources, ecological product was developed.
And its ecologicaly and usefulness were accepted, we awarded the 2010 「Kyoto ECO Style Product」 authorized by Kyoto Industrial ECO Promotional Organization.