We live in the world surrounded by petroleum products and chemicals, such as plastic,and exposed to stress.In order to get back a natural life again, the product of natural origin is needed for stress alleviation or health maintenance. A little phytoncide was added to deodorizer Bio-NX,the natural origin extracted from theKyoto Kitayama Japan cedar , and eco-friendly deodorizer "SOKAI" was made.

It is good for the deodorization to life smells, such as sweat, the tobacco , and ammonia and including the deodorization power of the four major bad smells which Bio-NX ordinary has.With a water-white liquid, almost no smell is in deodorization liquid itself. Since the skin stimulativeness examination is also cleared, even if there is a child, you can use it in comfort. Please use it for deodorization of room spray or any pet smell.

※ Phytoncide is a natural chemical substance which trees emit.